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Like others, I ordered my 'free trial'. I double and triple checked that there were to be no fees other than the shipping.

Today I opened my email and there are two charge confirmations for $100+. Livid, I called customer service immediately to see what these charges are and to have them refunded. The claim was that there are no refunds after the 14 day trial. The product was received two days ago, well within the 'trial period'. they didn't seem to understand this and claimed that the trial begins once you order the product. This does not make sense whatsoever.

When asked to speak to their supervisor I was told that they are 'taking calls' and thus unavailable. Eventually, I haggled them into a 35% refund, but I will be going to my credit card to have this charge negated. Overall, don't order from them.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. dorothy.robson stated that there is a room for improvement of deceptive website and never ordered besides trial sample. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of neuology free trial and associated monetary loss in the amount of $206. Neuology needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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I had the exact same problem. I ordered in January 19/16 and within 2 days called to cancel BEFORE the trial period was over.

I told them I was not interested in this product as I was not happy with it. It was not a moisturizer, instead it felt like it had been watered down!! Worst thing I have ever tried. I also told them I could not afford to have it sent and charged to my credit card monthly!

They agreed and said they would cancel my order. Satisfied...or so I thought until they charged my credit card again yesterday and sent out a new jar WTF!!! Needless to say, I called customer service which was a joke. The woman was so rude to me as though I was the one who made the mistake.

She proceeded to tell me I agreed to a 35% discount and a two month extension and keep the product coming LOL!! I told her she was sadly mistaken, and that I don't care what her computer was telling her, I was adamant back in January that I wanted out and have it cancelled and that is what I was promised. She kept going on and talking over me and was raising her voice to me as if I was in the wrong. I demanded to speak to a manager...of course there was no managers available.

Surprise Surprise. In the end she says she is going to credit my visa 35% off the price since they already shipped it out to me and said she has cancelled my account. We will see what happens now. I took all her information and the refund#, along with the cancellation # and have all the emails from them and am providing it to my credit card company.

They say this happens so often with these types of "SCAM" companies, and they will be looking into it and blocking this so called company from taking any further funds from my card. Lesson learnt!!


I agree this is a SCAM. I cancelled within the 14 day trial.

This is s watery product....It does nothing to moisturize! As I was cancelling and clearly told them I didn't like the product, I wanted to cancel, I did not want anymore product or charges to my acct. They proceed to tell you if you will just continue to try the product you can call by a certain date and get a 25% discount. I told them I did not like it....

if I wanted product I would call them but I did not want anything else charged to my account....I wanted it canceled as of this date. I got a cancellation number along with the lady's name I talked to and her ID number (supposedly). Then today 3/15, I have 2 charges from them which caused my acct to overdraft. I was furious!

When I called them back they tell me that I did not have a cancellation charge in the system even though I provided the numbers I was given and then the lady proceeds to tell me all the same stuff that the previous lady told me about continuing to try the product and they would give you a 50% discount this time instead of a 25%. I told her this was a scam I would call Better Business Bureau, post it on Facebook .....she told me they were legal. She would not direct me to any one higher than her. I was very upset ...then all of a sudden we're having a bad connection and she keeps calling my name and I'm telling her not to hang up and she's saying..." I can't hear you, the lights are blinking blinking" .

I tell her to call me back and she says she is not allowed to. Even with the bad connection I pressed through for a cancellation number not knowing if this one's any good either and I hang up because I'm getting nowhere with her. Then I get three phone calls back and she leaves me a message.... and this is the lady that supposedly can't call you back or call out.

One of my charges is a $44.97 charge for a trial cancellation fee. I took it up with my bank claims department for them to resolve the matter.


I called to cancel after three days that the product did not do as it claims. I was told that I would not be charged the 89 dollars or the 92 dollars and wait to April 17 and call back again.

I told the lady yo just cancel the product but she kept arguing with me.

I told her that I have been sick and no longer wanted to argue with her then she told me that the company would send me vitiam C pills . I told her NO I don't want your vitiam C pills I have a heart condition and only take drug approved by my doctor , she told me their vitiam C pills are approved by the FDA more people need to know this is a scam

Ontario, Canada #1109310

I got full refund.

to Anonymous #1122084

how did u get a full refund . im filling a complaint with my bank and canceling my debit card for a different number.. I am only getting 35% back from them I could really use ur help THANKS


I checked also before I ordered. Was billed $104.00 x 2.

They did not want to listen, kept on about 14 days, tried to send me new stuff, sent me a $35.00 refund. Scam

to Anonymous #1111685

The same happened to me today. Something needs to be done about this.

Sad to say, my credit card company is no help. I got a 75% refund after 1 hour of complaining.

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